KIRKWOOD, NY – Day two of the National Quarter Mile Dirt Track Championship Weekend saw a huge evening of racing at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Track Champion Kyle Rohner defended his home turf by winning the Crate Sportsman 30 lap feature event.  The victory was worth $2,000.  Over 150 race teams jammed the pit area for second day of the weekend.
Kyle Rohner rebounded from a disappointing Friday evening at Five Mile Point Speedway to capture the “Great Crate Race Qualifier” on Saturday as part of the GRIT Series Tour.  Rohner started third and followed a great early race battle between Cory Cormier and Tim Guild.  Cormier raced out to the lead at the drop of the green in the 30 lap feature as he and Guild had a terrific battle for the point. The two ran side by side for a number of laps with Guild be credited with the race lead on the 5th and 6th circuits.  On lap 7 Cormier pulled back in to the lead as Rohner advanced to second. 
Rohner worked past Cormier on lap 9 and would not be seriously challenged over the balance of the feature.  On lap 13 Guild had a front tire go flat after earlier race contact with another car.  The caution flew as several cars spun in turn 4 at the same time.  Mike Austin, fresh off his Friday night win began to challenge Cormier for second on the restart.  Austin started fifth and was patiently using the very bottom of the speedway again as he did on Friday to advance.  The driver putting on a display was Tim Howell.  Howell started twenty-second on the field and was up to fourth by the mid-way point of the race.
The final caution of the race flew on lap 21 and again on the restart Rohner would show the quick way around the quarter mile oval.  Cormier and Austin continued their great battle for second place as Howell waited for a mistake.  At the finish it would be Rohner, Cormier, Austin and Howell across the line in that order.  Matt Brewer rallied all the way back up to fifth after being involved in an early race tangle that found him restarting at the rear of the field.  With the victory, Rohner is now guaranteed to be in the re-draw of the Great Crate Race scheduled for Saturday, October 28th.  He is the defending race winner.
The Fantastic Five Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder event was another hotly contested race.  Kenny Underwood raced out to the early lead in the 20 lapper.  His teammate Trevor Williams took over the lead on lap 4.  A great four car battle for the race lead began to develop as Nick Griest and Nick Kennedy joined the battle up front.  The race lead battle was often three and almost four wide among the group with Williams maintaining his lead.  On lap 13 Griest saw his great run come to an end as he slowed and headed pit side.  On the restart Kennedy made his way in to second place and tried all routes around Williams.  Williams would go on to lead the balance for his first victory of the season. Kennedy finished second and Underwood was third.  All three are now guaranteed starters for the $1,000 to win season ending event on Saturday, October 28th.  Novice Champion Brian Salmini did an outstanding job to capture fourth place and 2016 Novice Champion Jimmy Difulvio made a great charge from the back of the field to take fifth.
Earl Zimmer took the lead at the drop of the green from his outside front row starting spot and led wire to wire in the 25 lap Fight Night All-Star Street Stock series event.  Zimmer outdueled Ted Morseman for the victory.  Track regular Shane Wolf Jr. finished fourth with Mike Wilbur finishing in fifth.  Track Champion Doug Polhamus charged from the back of the pack after an early race caution to capture fifth.
Seth Spayd was the winner of the Tobias Slingshot National event.  The 20 lap feature went caution free.  The division actually only had two cautions the entire day including their heat races.  Dakota Kohler, Brett Bieber, Tyler Peet and Jared Silfee completed the top five finishers.
Aaron Bowes raced to the victory in the 20 lap Xcel 600 Modified Tour feature event.  Will Eastman made a number of late race challenges but just didn’t have enough to get past Bowes for the win. Eastman finished second.  Richie Hitzler, the early race leader finished third with Josh Pepe and Tyler Bartik rounding out the top five.  After the feature the top five drivers were recognized for their final finish in the Sunday Summer Slam program for this season.
2017 Factory Stock Track Champion Eric Beach fought an engine issue throughout the day but still managed to record the victory in the 20 lap feature event on Saturday.  Beach took over the lead on lap 3 and led the balance of the feature event.  Nate Hill drove to his personal best second place finish at the speedway.  Jim Maher invaded to record a third place finish with Shawn Maher and Zach Mills rounding out the top five. The race was slowed by ten caution flag periods.
Trey Palmer put in the most dominating performance of the weekend by leading all 20 laps of the Empire Sports Truck main event.  Palmer lapped all but second place finisher Brandon Clapperton. Bob Crandall, Jeff Young and Wayne VanDusen completed the top five in another feature that went caution free.  Clapperton wound up as the best two-day finisher for the class and collected the posted $100 two-day bonus.
NATIONAL QUARTER MILE DIRT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP SATURDAY GRIT CRATE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (30):  KYLE ROHNER, Cory Cormier, Mike Austin, Tim Howell, Matt Brewer, Dustin Jordan, Mike Nagel Jr., T.J. Frost, Lem Atkins, Frank Dorry Jr., Randy Gates, Donnie Lawson, Mike Bucannon, Alex Yankowski, Randy Fox, Cody Jackson, Stacy Jackson, Tim Guild, Jamie Yannone, Garrett Rushlow, Carl Bittenbender, Devon Zona, Rafaele Carson, Pat Jordan, Ray Leonard.  DNQ – Joe Gustella, Matt Cole, John Miller, Chris Bonofski, Milton Mann.
FIGHT NIGHT ALL-STAR STREET STOCK NATIONAL QUARTER MILE DIRT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (25):  EARL ZIMMER, Ted Morsemann, Shane Wolf Jr., Mike Wilbur, Doug Polhamus, Eric Beach, Doug Stack Jr., Dan Mazzerese, Gene Ballner, Shane Wolf, Sr., Jon Carpenter, Bobby Hall Jr., Darren Cox, Jason Duke, Jarred Dennis, Rich Sinsabaugh, Brett Marlatt, Bill Giles. 
XCEL 600 MODIFIED TOUR NATIONAL QUARTER MILE DIRT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  AARON BOWES, Will Eastman, Richie Hitzler, Josh Pepe, Tyler Bartik, Jon Josko, Matt Wernee, Hunter Deihl, Kevin VanValkenburg, Bailey Boyd, Dakota Kohler, Kyle Harrington, Brian Blankenbiller, Doug Windhausen, Bumps Scott, Rich Christman, Jason Wiebel, Shawna Schibilia, Craig Berringer, Gabby Meixell, Grant Schibilia, Doug Lattner, Adam Mudge.  DNS Travis Fichter.
TOBIAS SLINGSHOT NATIONAL TOUR EVENT NATIONAL QUARTER MILE DIRT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  SETH SPAYD, Dakota Kohler, Brett Bieber, Tyler Peet, Jared Silfee, Tanner VanDoren, Taylor Mills, Samantha Muller, Kyle Herve, David Carraghan, Dylan Hoch, Anthony Raisner, Kyle Smith, Jess Horvath, Joe Toth, Ashley Kober, Brian Tobey, Jim Pollard, Nicho Flammer, Jerry Stark, Jim Gaige, Michael Hill.
FANTASTIC FIVE FOUR CYLINDER NATIONAL QUARTER MILE DIRT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  TREVOR WILLIAMS, Nick Kennedy, Kenny Underwood, Brian Salmini, Jimmy Difulvio, Dave Simms, Josh Wilder, Adam Gilbert, Mat Mather, Pat Sullivan, Rick Lunn, Jim Bakowski, Donald Woodworth, Greg Slater, Randy Lane, John Mason, Nick Griest, Rich Wagner, Andy Bolles, Evan Wright, John Siedlecky, Anthony Seward.  DNS – Bob Kress.
FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH NATIONAL QUARTER MILE DIRT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  ERIC BEACH, Nate Hill, Jim Maher, Shawn Maher, Zach Mills, Andy Brigham, Eddie Goins, Luke Decker, Charlie Towner, Eric Chapman, Josh Wilber, Matt Mallard, Rob Snow, Alan Komar.  DQ – Buck Mills Jr.
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